We truly believe the success of our work depends on our volunteers

It takes many of us to help our veterans, ex-service personnel and their families in times of crisis. Volunteers help spread the load among us all while bringing a rich tapestry of life's experiences and energy to the work of VOTSA. 

Equally important is the care we take in selecting our volunteers. This care is not just about our clients, who deserve the best opportunity to succeed, it is also to ensure volunteers who give their time and effort so generously, have the confidence that VOTSA has done its best to ensure each volunteer is entering a team which values and supports them.

Our work requires different types of roles based on the needs of our clients, the charity events we are conducting or involved with and the administration of VOTSA.

If you have some time and want to help, please consider volunteering with us. We would welcome the depth of the skills and the wonderful qualities you will bring.

Please click on the content below to read what we are seeking in our volunteers and to find out more about volunteering with us.

To ensure the important aspects of client and volunteer care are maintained a number of mandatory requirements are needed. These will depend on the role of the volunteer.


Volunteers who are not in a specialist role

* A National Police Check.


Volunteers in a specialist roles

* A National Police check including Working With Vulnerable Persons Check; and

* A Qualifications Check or Proof of Credentials.


If you have any queries regarding these checks please contact us using the link below and we will be happy to answer your questions.



Volunteers seem to have oodles of those fabulous qualities that make them shine. Below is a list of qualities we are sure you have.


We value our volunteers and welcome your enquiry about volunteering with us. Click the link below to download information about volunteering with VOTSA


Volunteer Interest Guide